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Exigen Suite

Exigen Insurance Solutions offers a completely modern, modular suite of end-to-end core solutions within Exigen Suite™ that provide the speed to market and measurable value insurers need to realize the transformational strategies critical to success in today’s insurance market.

Exigen Suite core systemsNew solutions and vendors have emerged to address the changing needs of insurance technologists and business executives. Industry experts have identified Exigen Insurance Solutions as a leader among this new breed of vendors, noteworthy for its inventive approach and solutions that address new models for insurance IT operations; for its technology innovations that drive insurer profitability; and for its ability to deliver timely, actionable, business performance intelligence.

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Delivering End-to-End Core Systems Functionality

Exigen Suite™ solutions handle all the core operations of  insurers and positively impact all key elements of their combined ratios. PolicyCore™, ClaimCore™, BillingCore™, and DistributionCore™ have been designed to embody the best practices of the industry, breaking down the internal silos, redundant applications, and manual, inefficient processes characteristic of the legacy systems they replace.

All essential services required to completely manage end-to-end insurance business processes, such as Workflow and Business Process Management, Document Generation and Content Management, and CRM capabilities come pre-integrated with Exigen Suite. It provides a comprehensive, integrated solution for insurers and eliminates the interoperability issues characteristic of multi-vendor environments.

Accelerating Product Development

PolicyCore’s integrated product configuration and management tool, Product Factory, fundamentally alters the way insurers conceive, create and manage products. It dramatically improves speed to market for new product launches and product enhancements to accelerate the capture of market opportunities and associated revenue growth.

Measuring and Improving Business Results

Exigen Suite’s revolutionary, built-in business activity measurement capability and Dynamic Analytics business reporting capability provide insurers powerful tools to ensure they are deriving measurable value from their technology investments, making the concept of business intelligence real and actionable by guiding the delivery of tangible, bottom-line results.

Business Activity Monitoring, Analytics, and Reporting complete the broad functionality of Exigen Suite by providing a closed-loop feedback mechanism to measure and improve business results. Every transaction in the system is recorded, providing the granular data needed to understand the behavior of all system users — from customers to producers and underwriters — and helping to guide continuous workflow improvement and sustained cost containment efforts.

Exigen Suite is the most complete and transformative solution available to today’s insurers.


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